Sekretaris Program
031 2983404
Jl. Siwalankerto 121-131 Surabaya - 60236 , Indonesia P.O. Box 1991

Poppy Firtatwentyna Nilasari, S.T., M.T.

Detailed Tasks Assigned:
Implementing Tridharma (three pillars) of higher education which includes education, research, and
community services.

Key Qualifications:
Teaching interior science for 13 years in the Interior Design Study Program and now joined at
Fashion Design and Textile Program. Currently, research is being carried out in the fields of art, design, humanities and creative industries.

Employment Records:
• 2008-now: Lecturer of Interior Design
• 2019-now: Lecturer of Fashion Design and Textile

Selected Publications (Five Years Back):

1. Implementation of Service-Learning Method Approach in Commercial Space Interior Design
Case Study UMKM Tiara Handicraft in Surabaya, Indonesia. The 12th Global Conference on
Business and Social Sciences. (2021).
2. Climate Responsive Design. ISBN: 978-623-93682-4-1. (2020)
3. Tenganan Indigenous Village As A Cultural Historical Tourism Destination. African Journal Of
Hospitality, Tourism And Leisure, GCBSS Special Edition (2019). ISSN: 2223-814x Copyright: ©
2020 AJHTL /Author/S- Open Access- Online @ HTTP//: www.AJHTL.com
4. Application of Dayak Ornamental Style in East Kalimantan As a Millennial'sFashion Trend.
International Seminar On Language, Literature, Culture, And Education. (2019).
5. Lighting Effect of Distribution on Image Calibre Café in Surabaya. Dimensi Interior. (2018).